• Sonos HiFi sound for your TV with 9 amplified speakers
  • Listen to all the music on earth – from any source, wirelessly
  • Simple, single-cable setup
  • Works with your existing TV remote control
  • Flexible, multiple position and orientation design for any room and TV

HDTVs offer an amazing picture but often lack the powerful, realistic sounds that movie, music, and gaming enthusiasts enjoy. The SONOS PLAYBAR wireless soundbar delivers sophisticated home theatre acoustics and wirelessly streams all the music on earth through one streamlined, easy-to-use soundbar.

Sonos Playbar with 9 amplified speakers

Sonos HiFi sound for your HiDef television

Flood any room with epic, full-theatre HiFi sound and wirelessly stream all the music on earth through one easy-to-use soundbar.

Wirelessly stream all the music on earth

Enjoy a universe of music in every room- your iTunes library, your favourite music services, and more than 100,000 free Internet radio stations, podcasts and shows.

Easy to setup

PLAYBAR connects to your TV using a single optical cable and plays everything that’s connected to the TV, including cable boxes and game consoles.

Control your way

Control PLAYBAR volume and mute using your existing TV, cable or universal remote. And for streaming music you can download the free Sonos Controller Apps for your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Easy to expand wirelessly

Expand your Sonos system throughout the entire house, with PLAYBAR as the centerpiece of an immersive surround sound experience and wireless audio system.

Sonos HiFi Sound fro your HiDef Television

The nine-speaker design (6 mid woofer, 3 tweeter) of SONOS PLAYBAR complements cinematic HD televisions with richly textured HiFi sound for TV, web, movies or video games.

It automatically adjusts to the differences between shoot ’em up action flicks, Shakespearean dramas, and live concerts to deliver the sound as it was intended.

For after-hours viewing, Night Mode compresses the volume so you can hear all the details without waking the family.

The PLAYBAR plays all sources plugged into your TV: cable and satellite boxes, Blu-ray players, and video game consoles-through the single optical input on the back. It also plays all common audio formats from TVs, including Dolby Digital 2.0, Dolby Digital 5.1, and PCM.

Wirelessly stream all the music on earth

PLAYBAR is also a stand-alone all-in-one Sonos speaker that allows you to wirelessly stream all the music on earth-your iTunes library, your favorite music services, and thousands of Internet radio stations, shows and podcasts.

Sonos works seamlessly with your iTunes collection, Spotify, Napster TuneIn, Rdio,, Deezer, 7Digital, Wolfgang’s Vault, AUPEO!, Stitcher,, Hearts of Space and downloads from any service offering DRM-free tracks

Stylish and desirable

Easy to set up

PLAYBAR is quick and easy to set up. Just plug the power cord in, attach the optical cord to your TV and connect to your router or wirelessly to the SONOS BRIDGE (sold separately).

Do you need a BRIDGE?

One Sonos component must be connected to your router using a standard Ethernet cable.

If your router is within reach of the PLAYBAR, you can connect directly.

If not, connect the BRIDGE directly to your router and the PLAYBAR will work wirelessly.

PLAYBAR can sit flat on your TV table or console. If your TV is wall-mounted, PLAYBAR may be placed horizontally above or below the TV. For an easy and secure wall-mounting solution, use the PLAYBAR Wall Mount Kit (sold separately).

Control your way

Control PLAYBAR volume and mute using your existing TV, cable or universal remote.

To wirelessly stream all the music on earth simply download the free Sonos Controller Apps to control PLAYBAR with your Kindle Fire, Android smartphone or tablet, iPhone, or iPad and stream your music even when your TV is off.

Easy to expand wirelessly

Easily expand your Sonos wireless audio system: set up Sonos in one room, then add as many Sonos speakers as you wish to your home theatre or throughout your home to enjoy HiFi audio throughout the entire house.

For your TV:

3.0 Home Theatre

PLAYBAR connects to your TV with a single cable and plays all sources, including satellite boxes and game consoles.

3.1 Home Theatre

Pair PLAYBAR with SONOS SUB and with the push of a button you can add spine-curling bass to your cinematic experience – wirelessly.

5.1 Home Theatre

Add 2 SONOS PLAY:3 speakers and SUB to your PLAYBAR for a true surround sound experience wrapping you in deeply immersive, crystal clear, state of the art Sonos sound.

For your whole house

You can use PLAYBAR alone or extend the Sonos experience beyond the TV room by adding as many Sonos players throughout your home as you wish. Play different songs in one room or blast the same song everywhere, in perfect party sync.

What you need

  • TV with optical audio output
  • Broadband wireless internet connection
  • One Sonos component wired to router
  • Windows XP SP3
  • Macintosh OSX (10.6 or higher)
  • Sonos Controller App (to control music streaming services; system requirements subject to change)


Not louder. Clearer. With nine amplified speakers -six midrange and three tweeters-PLAYBAR replaces the steady drip of your TV’s built-in speakers with deep booms, crystal-clear whispers, and huge waves of live concert sound. And with automatic equalization, the system self-adjusts for rich, seamless performance.


What does Soundbar-Review say?

The Sonos Playbar is a wireless soundbar with built a built in sub-woofer, the bass is fine but it may not satisfy some of those bass junkies out there so you could add the wireless subwoofer available at 599. This soundbar is aimed towards the larger screens, at least 37″ and includes a hefty 9 speakers that pack a punch. This is an excellent Soundbar, with incredible sound quality enhancing films, gaming, and music greatly.

The Sonos playbar is an excellent soundbar, the only slight problem I can see is that it’s only equipped with an optical digital audio input, maybe having some other connectivity would benefit users.

I recommend taking a closer look at the Sonos Playbar if you are looking for a soundbar, oozes quality and sounds fantastic.



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